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Retreat Schedule

THURSDAY, May 18th



5:30 pm DINNER 

6:45 pm Intercessory Prayer: Sis. Rosa Riebelle

7:00pm  Opening Session

Worship by:  Min. Jecoliah Farmer

Testimony: Sis. Jennifer Harris

Speakers: Pastor Heather Barfield

FRIDAY, May 19th

               WIEN TALK 

7:15am : Spiritual Formation


Speaker: Min. Dawn Roberts       

Moderator: Pastor Helen Williams

 8:30 am  BREAKFAST


9:00 am: Spiritual Warfare


Speakers: Pastor Malinda Bacchus, Pastor Cecelia Sieh

Moderator: Sis. Shweta Sagar         

10:15 am: Financial Management

Speaker: Min. Shevone Corbin

Moderator: Sis. Nicole Jackman

             Break out sessions

11:30 am: Girl Power (Youths)

Speaker: Dr. Crystal Pinager

Moderator: Sis. Melinda Boucher

11:30 am Living Single

Speaker: Pastor Heather Barfield

Moderator: Min. Marcia Leitch

11:30 am: Marriage Matters

Speakers: Min. Shevone Corbin, Pastor Marcia Walker

Moderator: Sis. Nicole Jackman

12:30 pm   LUNCH

1:00 pm - 4:00pm : Spa and Relaxation

5:30 pm: DINNER

7:00pm  Evening session


Worship: Min. Jecoliah Farmer            

Speakers: Pastor Sharon Harris, Dr. Crystal Pinager

SATURDAY, May 20th


8:30 am   BREAKFAST

9:30am   Youth Special

10:15am  Closing Session


Worship by:  Sis. Helen Toyer

Speakers: Pastor Reni Oyewusi, Apostle Annie West

Blessing and Commissioning: Pastors Gavin Walker and Marcia Walker


2:00 pm CHECK OUT

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